see maine's majestic moose

Young Bull Moose at Sandy Stream Pond - Baxter State ParkMoose watching is a favorite activity for many of the guests who visit Big Moose Inn. Big Moose Inn is located in one of the most heavily populated areas by moose. Several popular moose watching spots are within a few miles of Big Moose Inn. Two such spots are just a short drive up the 'Golden Road'. Usually, several times a day, moose will be feeding right next to the road. Moose become accustomed to the presence of people and don't mind having their picture taken. Baxter State Park is another moose hangout. Moose will feed in Sandy Stream Pond and Stump Pond well into the fall. If you've seen your first moose or you are a seasoned pro, make a reservation at Fredericka's at Big Moose Inn and reminisce about the days adventure while dining in a northern Maine antique inn.

moose guides and tours

Katahdin Scenic Cruises offers a unique perspective of seeing moose as they feed along the shoreline of Millinocket Lake, with boat tours leaving from the Big Moose dock.