Scenic Moose_Wildlife Boat Tours on Millinocket/Ambejejus Lakes

Scenic Moose Boat Cruises 

Katahdin Princess

Board  the Katahdin Princess on   Millinocket Lake for breathtaking views of Katahdin, Maine's highest mountain and said to be the first place in the United States to be touched by the rays of the rising sun!  Three hour cruises  are available with a 4 person minimum, where you'll visit moose feeding areas - and often see an eagle overhead en route to its nest. Deer,  bear, otter, rabbits, loons, ducks and fox are all common attractions  as  well. 

Katahdin Queen

Visit the historical Ambajejus Boom House, once housing the men who worked the logging river drives and view displays of the life in that era. Learn about local logging history, Indian folklore, the culture and traditions of the area. Scheduling to board the Katahdin Queen begins on the first and last Saturdays in June, July and August to cruise Ambajejus Lake, sister lake to a chain of serveral lakes.

Items to bring along...
Weather appropriate clothing (sweater/jacket), camera, video recorder, binoculars, sunglasses, sunscreen, drinks & snacks as there are no provisions onboard!

Prices are per person $63 an adult $53 a child (before tax) - 4 person minimum - 10 person maximum.  Minimum is based on the adult rate.  Cruises can be booked any day but depedant on the weather and the Captain's availability. Call or email for details on how to book. 

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